Winter Isn’t Here Yet!

Have you noticed that mornings have started looking a little more gray lately? Or that the air has a slight chill as it blows over your skin? And then there are the beautiful (but anxiety producing) yellow and red leaves that are slowly starting to peek out. As of September 22nd, fall has arrived.

But I’ve realized, as this new season rolls in, I haven’t been enjoying it as much as I should. While I usually love a cozy, gray morning and pulling out my oversized sweaters, it’s different this year. I open my eyes to a dull sky and I miss the summer sun and choir of birds waking me up at 6 am. And yes, I’ve lived in MN my entire life, minus the two years I spent south of the Mason-Dixon, but I’m not ready for winter!

Just another day in paradiseI think the combination of Alabama’s lovely warmth and my first winter in Fargo scarred me. Not only did we have record amounts of snow, but winter lasted until nearly May. Oh and then there’s the wind. When you live in the middle of the prairie, there’s nothing to stop the movement of air. Most of the time it feels like the entire city is driving around with its windows down … on the highway. Add the frigidness of winter to that wind – you have chills just thinking about it, don’t  you?

BUT I refuse to let my premature winter blues get me down. So, I’m making a list (one of my favorite forms of writing) of all the things I’m looking forward to enjoying before snow hits the ground again.

1.     Heartland Table

Some of you may know I’m a fan of food shows. I mostly stick to watching Chopped, but I recently saw an episode of Pioneer Woman and I was hooked. Watching someone prepare a meal makes me feel like I did when I was little and watched artists on Sesame Street. Something about it just pulls me in and makes me want to try it myself. One of my most successful attempts was this creamy tomato basil soup. So when I found out that a MN woman was starting a cooking show, I was thrilled! I will most definitely be watching Amy Thielen on Heartland Table and trying out her recipes this fall.

2.     Leaves!

If you’re a fellow Midwesterner or you live in a state with seasons, you’ve said or heard this phrase: “Let’s go look at the leaves!” In fact, I just asked my co-worker what her weekend plans were. “Oh ya know, we might go to Maplewood State Park and look at the leaves.” To some of you these plans may sound odd, but I responded with (in my recently rediscovered MN accent), “Oh sure! That sounds so great!” and made a mental note to drag Jamison out there too. If only he found a fall hike as exciting as Grand Theft Auto V. In addition to looking at leaves, I’m hoping to finally use the tent we got for our wedding … over a year ago.

3.     Kegs & Canvas

Another outdoor activity that will be more in line with Jamison’s interests is the upcoming Kegs & Canvas event in downtown Fargo this October. Basically you get to explore cute shops, enjoy beer samples and watch local artists create beautiful things! If it’s anything like the Corks & Canvas event I attended this summer, we’ll walk away with a strong buzz and lots of new (seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time) purchases.

4.     Good books and Nerdy Things

One of my favorite fall (and winter, and spring, and summer) activities is cozying up with a good book. Like I mentioned previously, my fascination with food has been growing, so I’m excited to delve into M. F. K. Fisher’s “The Gastronomical Me.” Fall also makes me wish I were still a student. That being said, I plan to check out an awesome Moby-Dick-inspired art exhibit at the Plains Art Museum … but only after I read “Ahab’s Wife,” by Sena Jeter Naslund. This novel also inspired the collection and Naslund is coming to give a lecture in October. Should be a nerd-tastic blast!

 5.     Apple Orchard Shenanigans

The animals - Maria, Jamison and AliAnd no celebration of fall is complete without a visit to your local apple orchard. I mean, Instagram is begging for photos of apple picking, hay rides and farm-animal cutouts right now. I am most looking forward to making Jamison take embarrassing couple photos and eating any and all apple creations.

The time is now, people! Let’s put away our winter grumblings and seize the fall. The season is short and must be taken advantage of.



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