Crafting is Not for Amateurs

How many of you have scrolled through Pinterest (or a magazine for that matter) and excitedly thought, “What a clever idea, I can easily do that!”? I’ve had this thought numerous times and end up “pinning” all these crazy projects to my digital to-do list. To be honest, I didn’t give crafting much thought until I started using Pinterest – who knew terra cotta pots covered in fabric could be so cute?

As my list grew, I decided it was time to actually do something about it. And with a wedding on the horizon, I’ve taken on an ambitious DIY mentality: I can tackle anything so long as I have some burlap and mason jars.

Until recently, I felt confident about my do-it-yourself abilities. But that all changed when I hosted my first (and possibly last) Pinterest Crafting Night. As the website has grown in popularity, I’ve noticed it coming up more frequently in conversation: “Did you see that recipe for Avocado Chicken Salad on Pinterest?” (I’ve tried it … it’s delicious!) or “I think I’ll make those wax candle holders from Pinterest for my wedding.” This brings me to craft night …

With good intentions, I emailed a small group of friends (who I knew were equally motivated to get creative) and invited them over for food, drinks and crafting. I warned Jami of my plans – he quickly made a racquetball date with his brother. I asked each of the girls to pick a craft to attempt in hopes of shedding some light on the reality of these projects. While they all look great online, I was curious about how these crafts would translate into real life.

Let me just say, the night ended with dashed hopes (mostly just mine) and nice surprises. Below, I’ve included some Pinterest photos vs. the real thing.






Wax Candle Holder – The directions are slightly deceiving. Patience is key.






Epsom Salt Candle Holder – Pretty easy, but the final product is a little messy. I’d say they look the prettiest with the lights off.






Scrabble Table Markers – Straightforward and great for any skill level.







Hair Accessories – These were a hit! Heather started taking requests at the end of the night.








Chalkboard Wine Glasses – The wine glasses turned out great and were easy to do. Another crowd pleaser from Heather.

Needless to say, depending on your skill level, some of these projects are easier to complete than others, and some were just misleading. When the instructions say, “Dip the balloon into the wax a few times for desired thickness,” this actually means, “Dip the balloon into the wax 50-100 times so the votive will not collapse when you pop the balloon.” Jami’s brother learned the hard way.

Regardless of each project’s outcome, we all enjoyed some good food, wine and company. And it turns out Jami and Geoffrey were more excited than they let on. Racquetball supposedly ended early and the boys came home to an apartment full of girls. Instead of disappearing into their bedrooms, they joined in. Jami was drawn to my hot wax project and couldn’t keep his fingers out of it. The result? A Barbie-size wax vase! He was very proud, and the girls thought it was hilariously cute. A good reminder that some of the best crafts are original creations.