Run the World, Girls!

As I sat with one of my best girlfriends last week, enjoying good beer and Thai food, we were unaware of an event that should’ve been at the forefront of our day.

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Celebrating National Poetry Month

With Poem in Your Pocket Day right around the corner, I thought it’d be fitting to post one of my favorites. When I first read “Prayer for a Marriage,” by Steve Scafidi, I was moved by the beautiful simplicity of his description of a long and happy marriage. Whether it’s the quiet moments before sleep, gravity’s pull or that primative tongue, I think we can all relate to Scafidi’s hopes for love.

Prayer for a Marriage

by Steve Scafidi

When we are old one night and the moon
arcs over the house like an antique
China saucer and the teacup sun

follows somewhere far behind
I hope the stars deepen to a shine
so bright you could read by it

if you liked and the sadness
we will have known go away
for awhile – in this hour or two

before sleep – and that we kiss
standing in the kitchen not fighting
gravity so much as embodying

its sweet force, and I hope we kiss
like we do today knowing so much
good is said in this primitive tongue

from the wild first surprising ones
to the lower dizzy ten thousand
infinitely slower ones—and I hope

while we stand there in the kitchen
making tea and kissing, the whistle
of the teapot wakes the neighbors.

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