Put a Stick In It

We’ve taken the summer off at Hotdish & Catfish, but I wouldn’t dream of missing the chance to write about one of my absolute favorite events of year: the Minnesota State Fair (what else?!).

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An Open Letter To Future Minnesotans

This week, Lauren and I are excited to feature a new guest writer on Hotdish & Catfish: Jay Higgins. Recently, Jay penned a letter to some friends who are looking for a fresh place to call home. We chose to include this on the blog because Jay’s passion for Minnesota embodies so much of what Lauren and I love about living in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Enjoy!

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Big City Appeal, Small Town Feel

This Sunday marked Tom’s and my one-year anniversary as home owners. Last summer, Lauren suggested I write a blog post about what it feels like to have a house of my own, and I remember hesitating – we barely had furniture! The walls were bare! I didn’t know the neighborhood! While we were lucky to find a place that is in great shape and in a wonderful area, I didn’t feel ready to tout the wonders of home ownership. Continue reading

Wood-fired Oven Lovin’

This week, I went on an adventure with a great friend to Pepin County, Wisconsin. Maria and I trekked to the ‘secret’ Pizza Farm. Not many people know of this unique dinner spot, but word is slowly starting to spread. Even though it’s a good hour away from the Twin Cities, more and more city folk have been frequenting the farm on Tuesday nights. Interestingly, this fully functional organic farm does no marketing or advertising for its pizza nights. Hundreds of people fill the lawns just by word of mouth.

It’s a b.y.o.everything set up, and people go all out. We saw full wooden tables, linens, a candelabra, balloons and streamers for a birthday party, even a kumbaya circle with multiple instruments. I realize this is entirely hippie-sounding, but there’s a great mix of people in the crowd – longtime local customers, young and old families, city hipsters and groovy flower children, too.

No matter where you fall in this spectrum, experiencing the Wisconsin Pizza Farm is a summertime must. The scenery is beautiful, the atmosphere is peaceful and the food is worth the drive. We tried the Pancetta Pizza – I highly recommend it! After we placed our order, we cracked open a bottle of wine and leisurely strolled the farm with a glass in hand.

Alright enough talking, I’ll let my pictures say the rest.

Bon Appétit!